About the The Finishing Trades Institute

The Finishing Trades Institute of the Mid-Atlantic Region (FTI) registered its first set of apprenticeship standards with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) in 1945; and has operated in good standing since that time. In 2009 the FTI became the first stand-alone building trade’s apprenticeship program to receive full accreditation from the U.S. Department of Education. The FTI is a leader and innovator in the apprenticeship world and continues to change the model with their outside the box approaches to things like; training, diversity, outreach and professional development of staff. In 2011 the FTI won the Department of Labors “Innovator and Trailblazer Award” and in 2012 the Construction Users Round Table (CURT) named the Finishing Trades Institute their “Workforce Development Award” winner.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Finishing Trades Institute of the Mid-Atlantic Region (FTI) is to supply area contractors with the most highly skilled craftspeople in the construction industry. In particular, the six industries for which they have apprenticeship standards registered; Architectural Glass & Metal Installers (Glaziers), Coatings Applicator Specialist (Industrial Painters), Commercial Paint & Wall Covering, Drywall Finishing, Glassworkers, and Multi-Craft Decorators. The FTI designs programs that produce some of the best journeypersons, supervisors, and project managers in North America. The FTI provides a unique learning environment with state-of-the-art classroom and lab spaces. The FTI uses a competency based training model; as recommended by the U.S. Department of Labor. Besides its nationally recognized apprenticeship programs the FTI exists to provide some of the finest journeyperson continuing education courses in North America. The FTI uses a time proven model of related classroom theory training and hands-on activities to achieve the academic excellence for which it has been recognized. Because of its learning model, based on Organizational Development, Leadership, and Team Building principles, the FTI and its students are responsible and effective communicators that are proud of their abilities to learn quickly and lead effectively; increasing jobsite productivity and moral for the contractors for which they work. Moreover, each student graduates their apprenticeship with 60+ college credits to be used towards achieving their Associates Degree.

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