safety first

The Finishing Trades Institute of the Mid-Atlantic Region (FTI) has one of the most well respected Health & Safety Departments in the region.

With two full time Health & Safety Professionals and nearly 25 subject matter experts, FTI students receive the most comprehensive and professional training available today. Please take some time to read about what certifications are offered, course descriptions, and more.

Purpose / Intent

The construction environment poses many dangers to all workers. The primary focus of The Finishing Trades Institute's health and safety department, in conjunction with DVIPA, AGMA, AMPD, and IFCA, is to safeguard the well being of all members. Worker safety & health protection is a labor/management cooperative effort accomplished via:
bullet Participation in specialized educational safety initiatives
bullet Proper communication of OSHA and other pertinent safety standards
bullet Outreach, education and a multitude of programs, policies, etc.

Our Mission

The Finishing Trades Institute is dedicated to promoting a safe and healthful environment for all members. The overall mission is to implement comprehensive occupational health programs that emphasize safety education, preparation, wellness and professional development.

Our Goals

Promote a progressive safety mindset through education. To “Provide leadership and encouragement to employers and workers to help them recognize and realize the value of safety and health on the job.” (Source: All About OSHA 2056-07R) Reduce illnesses, injuries and fatalities.


  • Finishing Trades Institute of the Mid-Atlantic Region 2190 Hornig Road Philadelphia, PA 19116